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My Horn

I am proud to say that I play

a custom Harrelson Summit.   It has truly changed my life as a musician and performer.   The aesthetics of the horn are obviously creative and beautiful.   The real magic in this horn is how it plays.  I have worked for years to obtain a sound that I was actually happy with.  From the first note I played I knew that this was going to be a game changer.

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AMT P800 Trumpet MIcrophone with BP45 Beltpack Preamp, Cable, and case. Compatialbe with AMT, Shure, Line 6, and Sabine wireless systems. CLICK HERE!

AMT P800-5C wireless microphone system for trumpet and flugelhorn. Wireless systems from Applied Microphone Technology create a belt pack free playing experience that will change the way an instrumentalist can perform.  CLICK HERE!

LSi Microphone with Inline Preamp & case. *Compatible with Wi5IIC Wireless, Shure, Line 6, & Sabine wireless with provided cable.  Also, The AMT Wi5II (LS-5C) wireless microphone system for saxophone. Wireless systems from Applied Microphone Technology

My Mic